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Advanced Physical Therapy Golf Screening

We welcome all golfers to join and participate in a FREE screening!

Tyler Bass, DPT

Marshall McDaniel, DPT

Justin Jones, DPT


Our Physical Therapists have a passion for golf and want to work with you! During your free screening, we will address common golf injuries and musculoskeletal problems that often plague golfers that keep you from playing your best game.

Our Physical Therapists will discuss common pathologies and explain how receiving personalized treatment from a physical therapist can assist you and even teach you how to manage your problem independently.

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We Cover All Areas of Golf


Golfers will be assessed by going through a series of tests to evaluate for proper and improper body mechanics.


Through PT, decrease painful movements, decrease risk of future injury, and strengthen your golf game.


Hone in on your technique and move beyond the fundamental basics. Play with increased efficiency and strength.


Golf equipment and gear is an investment. Your greatest tool is your body! Advance your golf game today.

Advanced Physical Therapy Little Rock
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