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At Advanced Physical Therapy of Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Benton, our focus is on providing patient-centered, outcome oriented and scientifically based treatment for general orthopedic problems, prenatal and postpartum conditions, and pelvic floor dysfunction for men, women, and children of all ages.


Due to the working relationships we have formed with the medical community and the residents of Central Arkansas, and due to the excellent care we have provided to those patients entrusted to our care, Advanced Physical Therapy has grown to three clinics in the Central Arkansas region and is one of the leaders in the treatment of general orthopedic conditions with an emphasis on manual therapy intervention. We are the leader in pelvic floor rehabilitation in the state of Arkansas and treat both male and female patients as well as children for pelvic floor conditions.

We are dedicated to assisting our patients return to wellness and maximize quality of life with the most efficient and individualized plan of care, in a warm and compassionate environment. We care about giving skilled treatment, not just a generic exercise program. Our therapists are up to date on the most current techniques and evidence - based practices taking continuing education courses each year to stay relevant and prepared.

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