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Holiday Travel

We know travelling with pelvic floor dysfunction can be stressful, especially if sitting increaes your symptoms. We know that stress also increases pelvic pain, and who here is having stress free holdiys? If you are - send us the secret!

We've put together a packing list that, along with some basic exercises, can make your trip more comfortable:

  • Self-Adhesive bandage wrap- useful to address swelling in your arms or legs.

  • Icy hot patches - slap these puppies anywhere on the body that's giving you trouble: low back, hips, neck, etc.

  • Refillable Ice bag - takes up little to no room in your bag and you can fill up with ice once you reach your destination.

  • Low back pillow support

  • Compression socks - good for air and car travel

  • TENS Unit - can be used anywhere on the body where there is pain. Do not use a TENS Unit if you have a spinal stimulator or a pacemaker.

  • Tennis ball - use to apply pressure to tender muscles in your low back and hips to decrease muscle tension

Keeping your muscles active while sitting for prolonged periods of time is key to reducing pain. For all the exercise shown below, hold position for 5 seconds and repeat x 5.

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