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Did you know that your bones are living, dynamic tissue that can be fed and strengthened? Make no bones about it, our skeleton is an amazing structure that is being transformed day in, day out. Old bone is absorbed via osteoclasts and new bone is created by osteoblasts, creating a strong matrix to support our frame. Osteoporosis and osteopenia develop when bone mineral density decreases. It affects men and women of any age, but the risk increases with age and is most common in Caucasian women during the perimenopausal years. Low bone mass affects 43% of women age 50 or older. Bone loss can occur due to decreasing hormone output, chronic use of steroids or proton-pump inhibitors, smoking, excessive

alcohol use, poor diet, and lack of weight bearing exercise.

Bone tissue grows and becomes stronger through exercise and a mineral-rich diet.

Eating foods that are naturally high in calcium and minerals, such as dark leafy

greens, salmon, and almonds helps support bone health. Weight bearing exercises place

graded stress on the bone, stimulating osteoblast cells to synthesize healthy,

flexible bone. Physical therapists can help direct you in your bone-building program by teaching you exercises that challenge the bones in multiple planes and directions. This is important in order to help protect your bones during a fall or injury. If your bones, which are dynamic and flexible, are trained to respond to multiple forces from different directions, you will be much less prone to fracture. Your therapist will also devise an appropriate program to improve your balance and strengthen your postural muscles, both of which are critical in

reducing fall risk and fracture potential.

At Advanced Physical Therapy, we have physical therapists who are trained to

devise a bone-building, balance-maximizing program specifically for you and your body.

Come see us today to live your best life!

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