"There are not enough words to say how excellent this place is! This was not my first experience with PT, but this place blows the other places out of the water! Not only did they know my name by my second visit, but they really cared about how I was doing, something other places haven't done. You can tell that everyone there loves what they do. The PTs were always willing to explain what the exercise did--not only to the patient, but to the PTA or PT students that were curious. Keep up the AMAZING work."

"Alicia, my therapist, relates extremely well with people and is a highly skilled therapist. She provided much needed encouragement for me and helped so much in getting me back to wholeness."

"Kate made pelvic floor therapy possible with her professionalism and ability to discuss such a sensitive/private area of life with dignity and respect. She did an excellent job of preparing the patient by stating beforehand what was about to happen. The front desk staff made a good first impression-kind and friendly."

"Excellent in every way. Thank you all--Kelsey was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I appreciate her help. My quality of life is greatly improved."

"Sandy is the best! Following surgery with mesh implant, I was nervous and anxious about pelvic floor therapy. Sandy was patient in answering all my questions and I got good results. She is very professional and has a calm demeanor. Loved the staff in the front office. Always welcoming and efficient."

"I had a wonderful experience with my treatment during pregnancy and plan to return after my C-section!"

"I wish all my medical experiences could be as efficient and professional and pleasant as your staff has provided me. You need to expand into giving medical training on how to treat patients to all types of medical professions."

"I cannot say enough amazing things about BethAnne. She was sensitive of my pain and feelings, and always made me feel comfortable. She is truly a healer. When you leave, crying after graduation, from a place that you arrived to on your first visit in tears, you realize all of the work and care that was dedicated to you. Thank you for this place and thank you for staffing it with people like BethAnne!"

"I've been an APT patient twice now, and have been exceptionally pleased both times. All of the staff that worked with me made me feel like a person and not just another chart on their desk. Can't say 'thank you' enough! Thank you so much for taking such good care of me!"

"I was so impressed with everyone I met at your clinic! Sarah Walker, my therapist, was just so caring and professional each time I saw her. She was also a wealth of knowledge and was able to answer all my many questions."

"I was shown compassion and respect in every aspect of my treatment, especially by Rachel. I could see the same qualities exhibited throughout the facility. I felt as if I were treated like family. Thanks!"

"One month ago I came with a tremendous amount of pain. Now I am leaving in excellent shape and without any doubt, it was because of Mitzi and the team who are totally professional and dedicated to the highest extent. I am certainly short of words to explain how professionally I was taken care of. Please keep up the good work!!"

"I loved the positive attitude of this facility- not just one therapist, but the whole team! I always had a wonderful time at my appointment. Everyone is so friendly; I will miss you all greatly!"

I've been to other PTs before for the same issue and gotten por results. Andrew and the staff at Advanced gave incredible service and we got great results. He really knows his stuff. The entire staff was fantastic! I could NOT recommend them highly enough! Great place!"

"After my second visit, I recommended APT to 3 of my colleagues. Brianne is the best PT I've ever worked with, and I've worked with 5 others at other places. I feel certain she saved me from having to have surgery, and I've very grateful. Also, Sara is a fabulous person to give the first impression of the office--so friendly, pleasant, and helpful."

"Montana was awesome, very knowledgeable, and friendly, as was Alicia and Callie. I enjoyed my experience here and would definitely come back if needed. Thank you so much!"

"This place is amazing. Everyone was welcoming, knowledgeable, and remembered me by name from day one. I love this place and will definitely recommend anyone who needs help."

"This was one of the most cordial places of business I have ever encountered. From my first call to make my initial appointment throughout the whole process, everyone was courteous, helpful, and friendly. I saw this with all patients. Everyone seemed willing to go the extra mile for the patient. I would definitely recommend Advanced Physical Therapy."

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